NAMA Foundation Organizes PDM Academy in Indonesia

On Friday-Sunday (July 6-8, 2018), Putra Daerah Membangun (PDM) Forum held PDM Academy at Grand Celino Hotel, Makassar. At PDM Academy Batch 1, 20 participants from various regions in East Indonesia such as South Sulawesi, Central Sulawesi, West Sulawesi, Papua, West Papua, West Nusa Tenggara, East Nusa Tenggara, and East Kalimantan were selected. PDM Academy is organized with the cooperation between NAMA Foundation, NICE Indonesia, House of Leadership, and PDM.

The selected participants are initiators of local organizations that have been established for at least 1 year. Whether it’s a foundation, a community, or a regional startup. The initiators also have various products and works in the fields of education, health, fisheries/livestock, arts, culture, and ecotourism.

Participants attend three days of education with materials such as Social and Stakeholder Mapping, Problem Validation, Solutions, and Beneficiaries, Project Management and Impact Planning, Social Business Model, Advocacy and Fundraising Strategy, Leadership, Team Building and Institutional. PDM also invited several speakers such as Goris Mustaqim (ASGAR Foundation), Harianto Albar (Indonesia Terang Community), M. Nasrul (Cahaya Desa), Hendriyadi (Sahabat Pulau Indonesia), Supiandi (Berugak Lombok), and Rendra Manaba (Kendari Kreatif).

“The participants have excellent qualifications because they demonstrate the ability to express the experience of managing the community systematically and empirically, so that these 20 people are truly the local champions represented by regional organizations in Eastern Indonesia this year,” said Rizky Yudo , Project Officer of the PDM Academy.

Meanwhile, M. Mushaddiq Asri, Regional Manager of Makassar from House of Leadership said that “The enthusiasm of PDM Academy in Eastern Indonesia is very high. Proven by the number of registrants are booming. Even on D-day there are still any people who want to sign up for PDM Academy”.

“Participants of PDM Academy in Eastern Indonesia will join the PDM Forum where over the next four months participants will receive mentoring sessions for community development. In addition, PDM will also provide Match Funding to 3 Best communities in each region of East Indonesia and West Indonesia “, said Reza Zaki, National Coordinator of PDM.

“PDM Academy is one of the great program. With the cooperation and facilities of the House of Leadership, we succeeded in realizing this program. Actually such a program is very important to be maintained and continued its implementation. But there are fundamental factors to ensure the success of this program. I believe this very important factor is that you the recipients of this program are actually getting more cooperative and more interactive to encourage us from NAMA Foundation to continue our support. I hope that after completing this PDM Academy program, the future picture will be clearer and directed to serve people in the region more effectively. I hope we can continue to work together. And we expect full interaction, engagement and commitment to ensure the program runs perfectly”, said Dr. Saleh Bazead Saleh Mubarak, CEO of NAMA Foundation.