Jakarta (12/7), House of Leadership have another opportunity to continue its international cooperation with the NAMA Foundation. This time through the Civil Society Organization (CSO) mentoring program titled MANAGE. House of Leadership is belong to the five organizations that have the opportunity to participate in this MANAGE program. This MANAGE Program is a kind of mentoring program provided by the NAMA Foundation for some CSOs in Indonesia to improve its institutional performance. With the great goal to assist these selected CSOs to get PICASSO certification (Certification for NGO Institutions), making the MANAGE program is so strategic to join.

NAMA Foundation with its concern to develop the education sector and capacity building of third sector organizations to be the basis of this MANAGE program. NAMA Foundation was accompanied by NICE Indonesia initiated this MANAGE program by presenting several consultants from NAMA Foundation to conduct baseline studies of each participant of the organization. As on Thursday (12/07), a consultant from the NAMA Foundation visited House of Leadership to do a verification about the survey previously filled by a House Leadership management representative.

The NAMA Foundation consultant for the MANAGE program is represented by Mr. Sudeep Mohandas and Ms Subashnii Subrammaniam from Malaysia. They are both come to House of Leadership headquarter accompanied by representatives from NICE Indonesia namely, Mr. Sulfan and Mr Rantala. On their visit this Thursday afternoon as well as digging as much information related to the activities of House Leadership. Information explored includes organizational development, strategic planning, financial sustainable planning, volunteer management, communication management and risk management. This information will become a material / baseline data which will be used for MANAGE program workshop which will be held on 16-20 July 2018 in Malang, East Java, Indonesia.

The welcome of Mr. Sudeep and Mrs. Subhi in House of Leadership headquarter took place warmly and full of familial tones. Taking a photograph session make this two-and-a-half-hour visitation become more liquid. For them this is a very memorable welcome. Discussions between them and representatives from the House of Leadership were also warm and liquid. As upheld by the House of Leadership is on the value of hospitality to anyone who attend.

For House of Leadership itself, the opportunity to join the MANAGE program is one advantage that is so valuable. This mentoring program will guide House of Leadership to achieve it’s big targets in 5, 10, 20 years ahead. The process of transformation passed by the House of Leadership is more accelerate by the existence of this MANAGE program. It is expected that after the workshop of MANAGE 16-20 July 2018, the House of Leadership is able to be more confident in moving forward to stay in the vision, in order to prepare the leaders of Indonesia in the future.

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